Sugilite is our Passion

History - New Age Stone - Mineral - Healing Stone


Sugilite was found the first time in 1944 in the southwest of Japan. His name comes from his discoverer the Japanese petrologist Dr. Kenichi Sugi. In bigger amounts sugilite was found in the beginning of the 70th of the last century in a manganese mine in South Africa (Wessels-mine). Sugilite is also known with the trade names luvulite (lavulite) und royal azel. In the beginning sugilite sometimes was wrongly named as sogdianite which is a similar mineral. In the esoteric scene sugilite is also named as new age-stone. Sugilite is quite rare. The only place where bigger amounts of sugilite are found is the manganese mine in South Africa. That's why sugilite is quite expensive. The most popular and expensive sugilite has a dark purple or deep lavender color. In our days also very special and popular is blue sugilite colored by inclusions of richterite.

New Age Stone

In the esoteric scene sugilite is named as the new age-stone. His first occurrence in big amounts in the early 70th of the last century was at the same time as the beginning of the age of Aquarius. His energy compares to the energy of the violet beam. In the age of Aquarius the energy of the violet beam will be more and more available for the mankind. If man are able to accept this energy sugilite will be found on different places on the earth in transparent qualities which were not found yet.


Sugilite occurs in Japan in the shape of brownish-yellow small grains. Sugilite is named according to the Japanese petrologist Ken-Ichi-Sugi who found the first sugilite in Japan in 1944. In India there were found small pink sugilite crystals. The violet variety of sugilite from Southafrica, which we normally can buy, is a rough composite, mostly mixed with other minerals. Especially chalcedony can be a part of the stone. If there is a lot of chalcedony sugilite can appear to be transparent. The violet color comes from additions of manganese (Mn). Very popular is also blue sugilite which is colored by inclusions of richterite.

Mineral: Sugilite
Family: Sogdianite Family
Hardness: 6,0-6,5
PH_T_Dichte: 2,74
Transparency: opaque
Chem. formula: Sodium Potassium silicate (iron-containing)
(K, Na)(Na, Fe3+)2 (Li2, Fe3+)[Si12, O30]
Crystals: hexagonal
Streak: weiß

Healing Stone

Somebody who is believing in the healing energy of gemstones will be especially interested on sugilite. Sugilite is a very important gemstone-attendant. He teach us to be aware of live. People you love sugilite are children of modern times. They belong to a group who decided to be part of supporters for the rebuilding phase in which we are now (Renate Sperling, "Vom Wesen der Edelsteine"). On a mental level sugilite helps to be aware about the spiritual knowledge to develop the healing resources to balance the physical body (Katrina Raphaell, "Crystal Enlightement"). On a emotional level sugilite can help us to solve old conflicts and overcome fears. On the physical level sugilite helps to harmonize nerves and brain, in that way he can be a helper on epilepsy, dyslexia and motor problems. He effects pain-relieving even on toothaches (Michael Gienger, "Lexikon der Heilsteine").